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1.  Initial Consultation

In-home meeting to review the project, look at existing conditions and provide you with company information. 


2.  Bid Package

In order for you to understand the project scope we provide a package consisting of an Intent to Build Contract with a preliminary estimate and rough construction schedule. 


3.  Intent to Build Contract

When you decide to move forward with our company, we execute the Intent to Build Contract to reserve a slot in the construction schedule and move your project into our Final Specification Phase.


4.  Final Specification Phase

In this phase, we prepare all documents necessary for construction, which include a detailed scope of work, selection and allowance specifications. After measuring and collaborating with our teams, a final detailed estimate, and construction schedule is prepared to coordinate with architectural plans.


5.  Contract

Now that the project is fully defined and estimated, the Remodeling Agreement will be executed. Contract will be prepared, draw schedules will be ordered, and financial obligations or questions will have been answered.


 6.  Pre-Construction

To begin the construction phase, we organize a pre-start, in-home meeting to discuss construction details. We make sure all permits are obtained, materials have been ordered and subcontractors know their schedules. We share your expectations with our team to better prepare them for the next stages in the build process. 


7. Construction

Once construction is underway, we provide job logs, updated schedules, and client meetings to discuss any changes in scope. Our production team controls quality by arranging, organizing, and maintaining the job sites. They will follow-up with subcontractors to make sure everything is on schedule and budget. We want all the fine details executed to the highest quality.  All of this is done to assure excellent communication during the construction phase.


8. Close-Out

At the end of every job, you will receive a final reconciliation report, receipts, lien waivers and a copy of the contract.  We have a final close-out meeting with you so feedback can be shared based on your results. We want to know how we can improve and hope our relationship will continue in the future for your home needs. 

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